“What the Health” documentary film draws heavy criticism from quacks that shill for the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries

In today’s health world, conflicts of interest abound, such as the meat and dairy industries trying to show that animal fat consumption doesn’t matter – even paying for and performing their own biased and skewed research as “proof.” The “toxic” food industries literally pay for shill scientists and medical doctors — like “Dr. Z-Dog” — to endorse their products in sweeping fashion and exonerate their toxic money-makers. This propaganda is a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme that keeps tens of millions of Americans investing in their own health demise.

A new documentary film promoting a healthy, vegan, plant-based diet is catching major strife from mainstream media and a slew of quacks and shills that make a fortune off people who think they can eat anything they want to and then visit medical doctors for some chemical medications, surgery and chemotherapy that will “save them.” Some of the most irresponsible doctors in America want to preach to you that your bad diet is NOT killing you. These charlatans are flooding Facebook and Youtube, trying to discredit the recently released vegan film so they can dismantle the truth about how a vegan lifestyle could save and extend your life in the most enjoyable ways.

Main points of the documentary film What the Health that are being expounded upon in the wake of its influence

– How a plant-based diet virtually eliminates your chances of dying from heart disease.

– How industry-funded science pushes myths and lies to sell more meat, dairy and processed junk-science products.

– How a plant-based diet significantly lowers inflammation, a root cause and major symptom of many diseases and disorders.

– The MAIN source of POPs (persistent organic pollutants) intake for humans is through the consumption of animal fats (near 95 percent), such as the toxins in cow’s milk.

– People who eat toxic foods, junk food, processed meats, processed dairy products and processed carbohydrates want to continue doing so and want to hear ANY doctor tell them it will be okay and that they won’t suffer health consequences for doing so (they simply want good news about their bad habits).

– Vegan populations have 78 percent lower risk of diabetes and ideal levels of cholesterol.

– The science is solid – a vegan lifestyle helps prevent and beat cancer.

– You still get plenty of calcium without dangerous conventional milk and plenty of protein without CAFO meat through a plant-based diet, including proper supplementation.

Here are several of the main points of the Youtube video where Mic the Vegan dismantles mainstream myths that are at risk of being exposed to millions of Americans who may watch the new mind-blowing “What the Health” documentary film.

Mic the Vegan states the facts versus the myths of the film

Dr. Neal Barnard backs up the film’s main points with science-based medicine and honest studies that reveal the heart of the matter, and that the film is backed up by factual research that’s published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Escaping unhealthy seductions

So what is the largest health cover-up of our time? What the Health documentary was recently released this past March and uncovers the secret to preventing and reversing chronic diseases the U.S. government, Big Pharma and Big Food do NOT want us to understand or put to use. Watch researchers, medical doctors and consumer advocates blow the whistle on America’s most trusted health nonprofits who remain silent about a growing body of evidence.

Get this: Americans eat one million animals every hour. Is this really necessary? How are those animals treated? Most of them are abused. Maybe becoming vegan isn’t just about improving YOUR life and health, but the life and health of millions of other animals every day. Think about it.

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